While Volunteering

1. Where will I live? 

Volunteers will be placed in host families in order to ensure maximum integration between different cultures.  Although there are no restrictions on living independently, the program will not cover the costs of renting an apartment.

2. What kind of support will there be if I have a problem with my host family?

Volunteers are encouraged to contact TLG if there is a problem with their host family.  TLG has specific procedures for mediation between the volunteers and their families and, in extreme cases, move a volunteer to a new family on a case-by-case basis.

3. What grades will I teach?

TLG has helped create and implement a new curriculum for school students. As such, volunteers will be working with all the grades (1-12).

4. Can I give private English lessons to schoolchildren in order to earn extra money?

With TLG's consent, you may teach privately as long as it does not interfere with your TLG responsibilities.