Host Families
1.     Where will I live?

Volunteers will be placed in host families in order to ensure maximum integration between different cultures.  Although there are no restrictions on living independently, the program will not cover the costs of renting an apartment.


2.     What type of accommodation will be provided?

TLG Volunteers stay with a Georgian host family. All host families are screened by the Georgian government, undergo a house inspection, and have a separate bedroom for their Volunteer.


3.     Will I have running water and electricity? 

TLG Volunteers should be ready for the challenge of living in a developing country. Parts of Georgia only have running water at certain times of day, and the power tends to go out frequently and unexpectedly. Understand that your host family's home may not be up to your current living standards.


4.     Are the host families given any training regarding how to host Volunteers?

All host families receive a hand-out with detailed guidelines on how to host a Volunteer.  Additionally, host families are asked to attend an informational meeting with the TLG Staff on the last day of their volunteers’ Orientation Training.


5.     Do I pay for my accommodation?

No, but you will have to pay 200 GEL per month (approx. $120 USD) for utilities and meal expenses.


6.     Do I pay my host family directly, or is it automatically taken out of my monthly stipend?

TLG Volunteers give 200 GEL from their monthly stipend to the host family. The money will not be taken out from their accounts automatically.


7.     Will my host family speak English?

Not all host families will know English. Hosting a TLG Volunteer is an opportunity for the host family to improve their English and for Volunteers to study and learn the Georgian language.


8.     Are we responsible for giving English lessons to the host family members?

You are responsible for giving English lessons to your family members for at least one hour, three times per week.


9.     What kind of support will there be if I have a problem with my host family?

You should contact the TLG Staff if there is a problem with your host family.  TLG will mediate between TLG Volunteers and their families. Only in extreme cases, will TLG Volunteers be moved to a new host family.


10. Is it possible for me to find my own housing?

Yes, you can find and rent an apartment or house on your own. TLG will assist with communicating with the landlord(s), but we cannot provide any financial support.