Who is Eligible to Apply

1. Can I apply if my English/German/French is fluent, even though I am not a native speaker?

Only native speakers of English, German, and French are being accepted at this time.

2. Can I live with my friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife?

TLG does its best to accommodate the needs of couples who come to Georgia together. Due to the difficulty of finding a family willing to host two volunteers, we cannot guarantee any such placements for a couple. In the event that the couple is placed together in one host family, they will be obligated to contribute at least 250 GEL per month to the family’s expenses. If we are unable to find a willing host family, we offer the following options:

      1. The couple will be placed in different host families but as close to each other as possible.

      2. The couple can rent an apartment or house. TLG will assist with finding a place to rent and with communicating with the landlord(s), but we cannot provide any financial support.

3. What if I worked for TLG, left, and now want to reapply?

We love welcoming back volunteers! Volunteers whose contract ended under normal circumstances or for emergencies and eligible to reapply to TLG. Instead of resubmitting an entirely new application, you just need to give us an updated Criminal Bakcground Check (maximum two months old—the CRC requirements are the same for new hires) and updated Medical Documents. Contact us at tlginbox@tpdc.ge with the subject line “Former TLG Volunteer Reapplying”.