Arriving in Georgia
1.     What happens when I arrive in Georgia?

Representatives of the TLG Staff will be at the airport to meet you and arrange your transportation to the training location.


2.     Will a cellular phone be provided?

TLG Volunteers receive a cell phone upon arrival in Georgia. TLG Staff and other TLG Volunteers can be called free of charge from this phone. Volunteers must return their cell phones to TLG at the end of their contract.


3.     How will I receive my salary? 

All TLG Volunteers will have a bank account opened for them before they arrive. Each month your salary will be directly deposited into this bank account.


4.     What kind of training will I receive?

Upon arrival, each group spends one week together in Tbilisi at Orientation Training.  The main components of Orientation Training are Intercultural Training, Georgian Language Lessons, Teaching Methodologies, Volunteer Safety and Security, Safe Transportation, and Information Sessions. Information Sessions will be held with TLG’s Medical, Legal, Academic and Non–Academic Teams as well as bank, medical insurance and cell phone provider representatives.


5.     What is my salary calculation start date?

You begin accruing your salary from the first day of the Orientation Training. Your payment is calculated from the first day of your Orientation Training.


6.     When will I meet my host family?

You will meet your host family on the final day of your training in Tbilisi.