Application Process, Requirements, Eligibility, and Benefits
1.     What requirements do I need in order to qualify to teach with TLG?

The minimum requirements for being accepted as a Volunteer into Teach and Learn with Georgia are as follows:

  • Being a native speaker of English, French, German and Italian languages
  • Bachelor degree
  • Clean nationwide Criminal Record Check (CRC)
  • Medical test clearance – HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis, drugs
  • Flexibility, an open-mind, and a willingness to make a difference!

2.     How do I obtain medical documentation? 

You will need to fill out a medical self-assessment form and provide your examining physician with the medical examination report form for them to fill out.  Alternatively, applicants can complete their medical examination in Georgia upon arrival.  In this case, applicants only need to submit the medical self-assessment form prior to their arrival.


3.     How do I obtain a criminal record check? 

Criminal Record Checks (CRCs) need to be nationwide and must be no more than two months old by the intended date of arrival.  If you have lived for a lengthy period of time in multiple countries, then multiple background checks may be necessary. Each country has its own process for obtaining CRCs. Please consult your government for specific advice.

CRCs issued through third party providers are not acceptable you can NOT use a private company to obtain the background check; it MUST come directly from a police department or government office/bureau. Additionally, checks that were ordered online & come as ‘print outs’ are NOT accepted by the TLG program. 

Please note: all teachers (from all nationalities) should submit CRCs that contains the following criteria: letterhead, contact information of the police department or government office that issued the check, the search results and a police/government logo, or stamp, or raised seal.


4.     Are there any guidelines or requests for letters of recommendation (LOR)?

There is not a specific recommendation letter form for TLG applicants. The authors of LORs should describe the applicant’s general abilities and explain why he or she would make a good volunteer for Teach and Learn with Georgia. It must be written by a person who has been in professional and/or academic contact with the applicant. He or she can be an applicant’s professor, supervisor, employer, etc. The LOR can be sent in by an applicant or sent directly by the recomendator. 


5.     What if my documents are not in English?

If your medical documents, certificates, CRCs, etc. are not in English, you need to provide an official notarized translation of the documents.


6.     Can I apply with my friend/spouse/significant other?

TLG does its best to accommodate the needs of couples who come to Georgia together but due to the difficulty of finding families willing to host two volunteers, we cannot guarantee joint placements for couples. If a couple is placed together in one host family, they will be obligated to pay 400 GEL per month to the family. If we are unable to find a willing host family, we offer the following options:

  • The couple will be placed in different host families but as close to each other as possible.
  • The couple can find and rent an apartment or house on their own. TLG will assist with communicating with the landlord, but we cannot provide any financial support. In case of renting, volunteers will receive 625 GEL including taxes, as they will not be paying 200 GEL net to the host family. 

Friends can request to be placed in the same area as someone else who is applying, and TLG will do our best to place you close to each other.


7.     Can I bring my children?



8.     Can I bring pets?



9.     Is there visa support?

New visa policy entered in force in Georgia in September 1, 2014. For detailed information please visit the following link: 


10.     What benefits does the program offer?

Teach and Learn with Georgia offers the following benefits to TLG Volunteers:

  • Monthly Salary of Georgian Lari*
  • FREE Round-trip Ticket to and from Georgia
  • FREE Medical Insurance
  • Housing and Living Accommodations
  • Mobile Phone on the TLG Corporate Network
  • 24/7 Support from the TLG Staff
  • Orientation Training Upon Arrival
  • Mid-Term Training

Upon successful completion of his/her contract, each Volunteer receives a letter of recommendation from TLG and a certificate signed by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia and the Director of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development signifying the Volunteer’s dedication to the program.

*The monthly salary is 750 GEL. After taxes, the net amount directly deposited into the volunteers’ personal bank accounts is 600 GEL. Monthly, volunteers give their host families 200 GEL to cover food and utilities. Those volunteers who do not live with the host families (rent, etc. ) will receive a monthly salary of 625 GEL, after taxes 500 GEL.

When can I join the program and when is the application due?

You can apply now! Selected volunteers will be joining the program in September. The latest you can submit your application is the 20th of August. As the competition is rather high, the sooner you submit the application, the better chances you will have to be in the next group of new TLG volunteers.

How long will my contract be?

Contracts can be signed for one academic year starting from September, and extending to June of the following year.

Is it possible to apply only for a summer position? 


Can I extend my contract once I am in Georgia?

Yes, you may extend your contract once you are in Georgia. Contract renewal is based upon a performance evaluation by the TLG Team.

What if I worked for TLG, left and now want to reapply?

We love welcoming back former TLG Volunteers! Volunteers whose contract ended under normal circumstances or for emergencies are eligible to reapply to TLG. You will need to resubmit a new application and give us an updated Criminal Background Check and updated Medical Documents.  As with new applicants, CRCs and Medical Documents cannot be more than two months old by the intended date of arrival. Contact us at with the subject line “Former TLG Volunteer Reapplying”.