1.     What grades will I teach?

TLG Volunteers will only work with the primary grades (1-6).


2.     What is the actual time spent in the classroom during a typical week?

This varies greatly from school to school based on each school's needs.  The maximum working hours are 30 hours a week, Monday to Friday (weekends off).  These hours include planning time, either alone or with a local English teacher. Each TLG Volunteer will be paired with up to three Local English Teachers. 


3.     What will my main responsibilities be during classroom instruction?

TLG Volunteers will be co-teaching with a Local English Teacher in the classroom.  They will be teaching primary school (grades 1 through 6).  Volunteer’s primary responsibilities are to assist with speaking and listening lessons, although each Volunteer will be responsible for determining his/her working relationship with their Georgian co-teacher.


4.     How many students will be in one class?

Class sizes vary; the average class size is twenty students.


5.     Will I have access to materials such as printers, textbooks, and workbooks?

TLG Volunteers get a set of books, which they will teach with while they are in Georgia. The availability of any other materials depends on the size and location of the school. Most of the schools are equipped with computers, but resources to print/copy documents will be limited.


6.     What school supplies/teaching aids should I bring? 

Resources are extremely limited in Georgian schools. Flash cards, pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners are some of the basic supplies recommended by former TLG Volunteers.  We also recommend bringing pictures of your family, home, and country—anything that will help you to tell the students who you are and where you are from will be greatly appreciated. Most importantly, bring your creativity and eagerness to make a difference in the lives of your students!


7.     Will I be in charge of creating my own lesson plans or will I follow a curriculum?

TLG Volunteers work with their co-teachers to develop lesson plans in accordance with the national curriculum in Georgia.

What should I wear at school?

While at school you should dress cleanly, conservatively, and professionally—not necessarily dress suits or coats and ties, but presenting a professional appearance according to Georgian cultural standards. This means dresses, skirts, and dress slacks for women (depending on the location; some schools in rural areas do not allow pants) and slacks and button-down shirts for men.

What form of transportation do most TLG Volunteers take to school?

Most TLG Volunteers walk to school as they will likely be placed in a host family near their school.  Some Volunteers in larger towns and cities rely on public transportation to get to school. 


10.     How many other TLG Volunteers will be teaching at my school?

You will be the only TLG Volunteer at your school.


11.     Is it easy to meet other TLG Volunteers in Georgia?

Yes. During your first week in Georgia you will attend Orientation Training with a number of other TLG Volunteers. You may or may not be placed in the same area.


12.     What dates are the public schools in session? 

  • First semester: September 15th - December 24th
  • Second semester: January 20th – June 15th


13.     Are there additional professional opportunities when working with TLG?

Yes. Sometimes TLG Volunteers are asked to participate in publicity or media events such as advertisements or presentations.  Furthermore, TLG does its best to inform TLG Volunteers of additional employment opportunities such as private teaching opportunities available in their region, or working with the TLG Staff directly. 


14.     Can I teach extra lessons to make additional money?

Teachers are allowed to take on additional lessons in their own time, but they must inform the TLG Staff beforehand. Teachers cannot teach their own school students for money.


15.     When can I take time off for vacation?

TLG Volunteers will receive time off during the summer and winter holidays. Volunteers completing two semesters are entitled to 24 paid vacation days. 


16.     What are the official holidays in Georgia?

The official holidays for 2012 are as follows:

1 & 2 January - New Year's Day

7 January - Orthodox Christmas

19 January - Orthodox Epiphany

3 March - Mother's Day

8 March - International Women's Day

13 April – Good Friday

15 April - Easter Sunday

16 April - Easter Monday/ Memorial Day

9 April - Georgia's Independence Restoration Day; Commemoration Day of the Deceased

9 May - Victory Day

12 May - St. Andrew's Day

26 May - Independence Day

28 August - The Virgin's Assumption

14 October - "Mtskhetoba"

23 November - St. George's day


17.     Can I travel to another country while volunteering in Georgia?

As long as you properly inform your school, host family, and the TLG Staff, there are no travel restrictions during your free time. However, due to the safety reasons TLG Volunteers are strictly prohibited from traveling to the occupied territories, like so called South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Moreover, there are might be other off limits set by other countries and TLG Volunteers are kindly advised to check all information before they plan their trip to such countries.