Teach and Learn with Georgia offers the following benefits to TLG Volunteers:

  • Monthly Salary of Georgian Lari*
  • FREE Round-trip Ticket to and from Georgia
  • FREE Medical Insurance
  • Paid vacation during winter holidays
  • Housing and Living Accommodations
  • Sim card on the TLG Corporate Network
  • 24/7 Support from the TLG Staff
  • Orientation Training Upon Arrival
  • Mid-term trainings
  • Airport pick up
  • Professional Practice and life experience

Further, upon successful completion of the contract, each Volunteer receives a letter of recommendation from TLG and a certificate signed by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia as well as the Director of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, signifying his or her dedication to the program.

*The monthly Salary is 750 GEL. After taxes, the net amount directly deposited into the volunteers’ personal bank account amounts to 600 GEL. From this stipend,  the volunteers give their host families 200 GEL each month to cover basic costs that are incurred when hosting a volunteer such as food and utilities. Those volunteers who do not live with host families (rent, etc.) will receive a monthly salary of 625 GEL. After taxes, 500 GEL.