Living and Teaching in Georgia
1.     Can I decide where I want to live?

TLG is a nationwide program and due to the needs of each region we reserve the exclusive right to determine TLG Volunteer placement.  Applicant placement preferences will only be taken into account when they are absolutely necessary (i.e. medical).


2.     Will I have internet access? 

The majority of schools will be equipped with computers and internet access. Volunteers can bring their laptop computers; USB internet modems are available for you to purchase. The prices and coverage areas vary from company to company;

Can I receive mail or packages? 

Before someone sends a package to you in Georgia, make sure to check all the rules and regulations regarding postal service. Please be advised that the rules and regulations are subject to change without warning. Please see the manual for more information.

I am a vegetarian – will this be a problem in Georgia? 

Vegetarians are not very common in Georgia, but maintaining a vegetarian diet is definitely possible. Georgians eat lots of bread, cheese, fruits, vegetables, pasta, and nuts. If you explain to the family that you cannot eat meat, they will understand and try to cook meals that take your needs into consideration.  Additionally, many restaurants offer a vegetarian “fasting menu” for religious reasons.