The Official TLG Blog has a new look!

This text is taken from the most recent blog post:

"Hey readers – just a quick update to point out the obvious: the TLG blog has a new look!

Now that we have a team of twenty brand new guest bloggers, we felt that some change was in order. We hope the new layout will improve load times, be easier on the eye, and make navigation a cinch. You should definitely check out our newly-updated People page, which has pics and bios for all our bloggers, our Contact page, if you want to get in touch privately with the TLG blog editors, and our newly categorized categories sidebar – it’s right over there on the left!

And of course, check out our front page, which now has multiple blog posts excerpted in one easy view. Sweet!"

Go to to look at the new design and to read some of our guest blogger posts!