Public Schools and School Boxes
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has been implementing a new project in the frames of the recent reforms. In the near future, Public Schools will be equipped with carefully selected and tested School Boxes. The modern system installed in the box will enable stable and safe internet communication and assist schools with execution of additional electronic services.

The main purpose of the new equipment, “School Boxes” is to assist teachers with continuous internet communication, online assessments, tests, conferences and video lessons, which will positively reflect on the learning process as all students will have opportunity to benefit from continuous internet.

“School Boxes” are assembled in Georgia at the local factory “Algoritmi”. The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkini, visited the factory today and got introduced to the assembly process. Almost 100 professional employees install special modern systems in the boxes. In the following weeks, School Boxes will be distributed to 1,500 schools.

For the first time this year, high school exams will be conducted via the new system. With the new academic year, the learning and assessment process will be carried out electronically, with the help of School Boxes at schools. Schools, teachers, and students, will receive information online. The new system will also facilitate tight online relationships amongst schools.

Introduction of School Boxes is especially important for schools in the regions as it offers the same service and comfort as to the city schools.

The new system will be introduced gradually. The project also foresees rehabilitation of school infrastructure. 10,000 new computers will be distributed to schools in the current year.