All first grade children of public schools will receive net books “Buki” on September 17th

 2012-2013 academic year 41 272, first graders and 3078 of their teachers will receive net books. Distribution of computers  is taking  place all throughout Georgia which is processing by Georgian Post. The program of the net books was developed  in computer  companies “Algorithm” and “Intel” in Georgia.

 The notebooks were sent out to all public schools by “Algorithm” today and all first grades will receive them on September  17th. This  project has been going already for two years. In order kids to get properly developed and become valuable  member of the society,  it is essential in today’s computer world, these kids to have connection with modern technologies.  For this purposes, with the  initiative of the president of Georgia. On the base of the recommendation by international  expertise, Net-book- "buki" has been  created. There are educational programs related to the national educational plan,  and educational games installed within this net-  books and most importantly. Internet capability attached as well.

 To support an effective use of ICT technologies in the classroom, the Ministry has trained all head teachers of first graders  in applying and utilizing the ICT.  All public schools are equipped with high quality internet therefore it is a unique resource of obtaining the world information