Trainings for 2018 first semester wrapped up yesterday, and it was held in Ureki at Hotel Kolkhida.  TLGVs from our English, French and Italian departments participated, along with all their co-teachers.  Topics looked at were about lesson planning and co-teacher methods of working together.  A great time was had by all (including karaoke night on Sunday!)

Thank you to everyone that participated.

We can announce today that the TLG Mid-Term Training will be held in the city of Ureki on the Black Sea Coast, at Hotel Kolkhida.

See this excellent video series for French language dialogues to practice your listening skills!

Easy German dialogues for our German language learners can be found here:

Our Mid-term Training is fast approaching.  It will be held on the weekend of November 16th to 19th.  We are looking forward to it!

The October Newsletter for the 2018-2019 academic year has been published.  Look for it on the Facebook page.
Today is the big day!  Everyone will be sent out to their placements in the villages and towns.  Good luck to everyone on what is sure to be a successful and productive year.
Orientation week has begun: September 13 to 21.  Methodology classes, Intercultural Training, and Language Training classes will be offered.  Training will be held at the Dormitory Hualing Tbilisi Hotel in Vazisubani District.
Group 54 (2018-2019) have begun to arrive in Georgia.  This year, they come from the US, France, Britain, Italy, and elsewhere.

I really enjoyed my time teaching in Alvani. I have many beautiful memories with my family, my students and my friends. I am happy I got to experience such a wonderful country and meet so many amazing people while I was teaching English.

~ V.M. 2016 - 2017 Academic Year

I believe in TLG's mission and I am happy to have participated in a program that has the potential to progress Georgia's future. I recommend TLG to potential volunteers that can "go with the flow" and acclimate quickly to foreign places/situations.

~ N.T.  2016 - 2017 Academic Year

I loved the generosity of my host family and those 'aha!' moments when my students mastered a new concept! My favorite part of the program was having the freedom to plan my own extracurriculars after school.  If you're patient, flexible and creative, this is the program for you!

~ S.K. 2016 - 2017 academic year
We would like to personally thank all the volunteers that worked so hard and participated with such enthusiasm this year (2016-2017): Aaron Spray, Alexander Thatcher,
Tony Hanmer, Dan Kiss, Danielle LaBrash, Lulu Mejia, Hannah Flora-Swick,  Helmut Welte, Jeffrey Silverman, Leslie Kozaczek, Kathy Wallace, Keegan Scott, Keegan Covey, Kenneth Monette, Laura Jenne, Maria Baranowska, Natalie Anne Taylor, Olga Bednarek, Patrick Timmes, Rebecca Milne, Susannah Wright, Daniella Molina, and Colin Lemr.  Much success to you in your future endeavours as well!

We are preparing for the End of Year Celebrations for our amazing TLG volunteers of 2016-2017.  It will happen at the ZP Palace Hotel in Tbilisi, and many esteemed guests will be present.  Hope to see you all there.

It was a long weekend in Georgia.  Hope all the volunteers are refreshed and energised after their time off!

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