TLG will be represented at the 2012 NAFSA Annual Conference in Houston, Texas.
Tbilisi City Hall will employ 10,000 Georgian students this summer to be a part of all projects that are being implemented by the institution.

The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia (MSY) is recruiting 29 Summer Camp Trainers to develop and execute curricula for two summer camps, Leader 2012 and Patriot 2012, as a part of MSY’s International Youth Camps initiative.

The English language has become the most demanded foreign language in Georgia according to a the recent United National Exams.
A new Teachers House was opened in Kutaisi on March 23, 2012! The institution will provide daily teacher trainings to teachers in Kutaisi and neighboring towns. 
The Teach and Learn with Georgia Team is releasing its new TLG Manual after months of planning!
The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia meets Andrew Weber to discuss the latest about the Georgia Central Public Health Reference Laboratory.

With the team of 20 new guest bloggers, the Official TLG Blog has gotten a new look! Check it out!

The National Center for Teacher Professional Development Center under the Ministry of Education and Science created their first electronic educational newspaper.
English-speaking teachers continue to arrive in Georgia as participants of the educational program “Teach and Learn with Georgia.” 
A delegation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, chaired by Minister Dimitri Shashkini, is paying an official visit to the USA. As part of the visit, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Ministry “Teach and Learn with Georgia” (TLG) and ESL Certified.
In the scope of the program “Teach and Learn With Georgia,” another group of English language teachers arrived in Georgia from the USA, Great Britain, North Africa, Australia, and Lithuania. 
English-speaking teachers continue to arrive as participants in the educational program “Teach and Learn with Georgia.” 
The Minister, Dimitri Shashkini, visited volunteer teacher Brittany Tolar and wished her a happy New Year.
საინფორმაციო-საორიენტაციო შეხვედრების მნიშვნელოვან ნაწილს წარმოადგენს კულტურათაშორისი ტრენინგი, რომლის მიზანია მოხალისეებს მიაწოდოს ინფორმაცია ქართული კულტურის მნიშვნელოვანი ასპექტების შესახებ, რომელიც დაეხმარება მათ როგორც სასწავლო პროცესის უკეთ წარმართვაში, ასევე ხელს შეუწყობს მათ ინტეგრაციას მასპინძელ ოჯახებში და საზოგადოებაში.

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